About Us

Musing Antiques provides a distinctive look for your home that is rich with history and character. Each piece represents the heritage and craftsmanship of time and is hand selected for its authenticity, beauty, art and presence. Our pieces represent a window into the soul of another time, another world.

By importing our pieces directly from Europe, we are able to offer a wide selection of styles and ensure the highest standard of quality for which we are known, both in our antiques and our service. At Musing Antiques LLC, we know how difficult it is to purchase antiques online. This is why, from our beginnings in 2002, we place such a high priority in taking clear pictures of the item for sale and in taking numerous close-ups so that you, the customer, can accurately assess the beauty and condition of the piece. Pieces that are over 100 years of age naturally have age wear and this is common. What is not so common and what distinguishes us from other antique dealers is that we actually take close-ups of these “age marks” and include them in our listings so that you know exactly what you are buying! Our philosophy has from the beginning been one of honesty, integrity and openness and transparency! We hope that the numerous pictures will be of help to you and serve to make shopping at Musing Antiques LLC a pleasurable experience! – Dimitri Musing

Come take a look at our items in our renovated 18th Century showroom in Hightstown, NJ!

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