Fine Pair of Antique Sterling Silver S. Kirk & Son Co Compotes & Glass Inserts

Fine and rare pair of antique sterling silver S. Kirk & Son Co compotes with cut to clear ruby red glass plates. The pair of compotes are finely made and intricately detailed to resemble oak trees growing out of a flower covered ground with a canopy of leaves and acorns. The pair of compotes have what appears to be the initials “ESDD” on the base and bear the stamp S. Kirk & Son Co, which was used from 1896-1924.

Symbolic Meaning of the Oak Tree:

The oak tree is an enduring emblem of power, strength, survival, endurance and life. The oak tree is the national tree of both England and Germany and is the state tree of New Jersey, Iowa, Maryland, Connecticut, Georgia and Illinois. The oak tree has been described as the “King of Trees” and was even sacred to the old world European mythological gods like Thor, Zeus and Jupiter.

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Dimensions: 4 inches high with glass insert (3.5 to top of sterling silver) with a diameter of 5 5/8 when the glass plates are placed on top.

Condition: Wear consistent with age and use. While we cleaned these pieces we allowed some oxidation to remain and leave it up to the buyer to clean / shine more if so desired. One of the silver compotes is slightly bent at the top causing the dish to be somewhat crooked. One of the compotes is missing a piece of silver to the top edge and has a break to one of the branches. We have taken pictures of this and circled where the break exists. See pictures as they are a part of the condition report!

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