Incredible Fine Antique Bronze French Empire Statue of Greek Centaur


WOW!!!  A phenomenally stunning antique, early 19th century, French bronze statue dating to the first Empire period depicting the Greek myth of a centaur abducting the bride of a Greek king.

This stunning and sumptuous French Empire gilt and patinated bronze statue is raised on a stepped rectangular base mounted on a foliate band, the whole surmounted on rectangular feet. One of the best bronze castings that I’ve had the pleasure to offer for sale. I cannot overstate the beauty of the finish and the overall design. This statue will be the center of attention in any setting.

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The Greek mythology behind this amazing statue:

In Greek mythology centaurs were a tribe of hybrid creatures with the upper body of a man, from the head down to the waist, and the legs of a horse.  They were said to inhabit the mountains and forests of mainland Greece.  In many Greek myths the centaurs are depicted as being as wild as untamed horses.  In one famous myth, the centaurs were invited to attend the Lapiths’ wedding feast of their half brother Pirithous, king of the Lapithae, son of Ixon.  Unaccustomed to wine and drink, the centaurs’ wild nature came out and when the bride, Hippodamia , came to greet the guests, the centaur Eurytion grabbed Hippodamia and attempted to abduct her.  This set off the other centaurs, who then also tried to abduct the other women present. This caused a great battle that ended in the defeat of the Centaurs.

In Greek mythology the battle between the Centaurs and the Lapiths has been symbolized as the struggle between civility and barbarity.  This is a theme that is often found recurring in Greek mythology, the triumph of civilization over barbarity. The Centauromachy,  as this battle has become to be known, was even depicted in a renaissance statue by Michelangelo.

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Dimensions: 12 1/4 inches high, 11.50 inches wide / long and 4 1/4 inches deep.

Condition: Wear consistent with age and use.   Minor rubbing and wear to the patination of the bronze.  See pictures as they are a part of the condition report!

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